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Hats off to our Junior Entrepeneurs!

Mr. Wallace's class completed a fantasric Junior Entrepreneur Project. Firstly, we brainstormed some ideas for a business. Our ideas included Ashford gumshields, stationary holders and selling honey. Next, was the dragon's den phase of the business. The dragons advised us to go with school beanies. We decided on printing beanies with the school logo. We researched different companies on pricing. Then we preordered samples. After that, we conducted a survey. The survey suggested that we could potentially sell 100 beanies. We ordered and began our marketing campaign. Our slogan was "Don't be a meanie, buy yourself a beanie!" We also advertised on school twitter. We sold all the beanies making a tidy profit of €15 each. What's more we learned what it takes to set up a business.


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