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Staff 2022-2023


Deputy Principal

Assistant Principals

Mr. Conan Daye

Ms. Sue Earls

Ms. McDermott

Ms. Lyne

Ms. Russell

Mr. Sheekey

Junior Infants

Junior & Senior Infants

Senior Infants

1st Class

1st & 2nd Class

2nd Class

3rd Class

3rd & 4th Class

4th Class

5th Class

6th Class

6th Class

Ms. Grennan

Ms. O'Riordan

Ms. Byrne

Ms. S. Walsh

Ms. Whelan

Ms. Boyce

Mr. O'Malley

Mr. Sheekey

Ms. McWatt

Ms. Earls

Ms. Ralston

Ms. Lyne

SET Team

Ms. McDermott

Ms. Y. Walsh

Ms. Hanton

Mr. Smyth

Ms. Brown & Ms. Sugrue

Mr. Ffrench

The Weir ASD Class

Ms. Russell

SNA Team

Aisling Byrne

Phil Murtagh

Mary Kearney

School Completion Assistant

Ms. O'Leary


Jenny Farrell


Patrick (Pa) Curley

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