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The Weir

The Weir mural.JPG

Our ASD class opened in September 2022. Our Student Council organised a competition to come up with a name for the space. We felt Darci Hughes' title was perfect. Please take some time to read this definition - we think you'll agree. 

'The Weir'  

A salmon is born in the upper parts of a river. When strong enough this salmon leaves its home, swims with the flow of the river and out to sea. The salmon will always return home but the swim is harder against the flow. Some will swim through, some will leap through, others need another way.

A weir is a manmade dam constructed in the fastest growing part of the river. It diverts a narrow part of slower moving water, around the difficult stretch, to help these salmon navigate their way upstream before re-joining their family and friends for the rest of the journey.  

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