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Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders are pupil representatives who meet and learn how to make best use of our digital resources. They then bring this knowledge back to share with their classmates teachers and younger pupils.

Our Digital Leaders also work to ensure their class use and store our devices correctly and safely.

We are excited to see the many ways our pupils will embrace digital learning in the coming years.

Our Digital Leaders for 2023-2024 are:

​Odhrán Rooney, Dylan Grant, Mia Paliani​, Thea Kavanagh, Cillian Newsome, Caoimhe Quilter

Eoghan Hicks, Emma Jones, Keeley Galligan Newsome, Alexa McCarthy Wood, Alex Armstrong, Alphonse Reji

Seán Brennan, Ollie Behan, Daniel Leonard, Laragh Molloy, Zach Bell, Leah Bolger

Eva Mahedir Doyle, Sadbh Kavanagh, Alice Shanley

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