Séamus Heaney Project 2015

Séamus Heaney died on  2013 and Ashford keeps his memory alive with 'Féile Séamus Heaney' to our local calendar each year.


The inaugural event took place on Saturday 12th April 2014. The children in 4th & some of 5th classes composed a brand new piece of music under the stewardship of one of Ireland top composers Belfast's own Elaine Agnew & one of Irelands top poets Gabriel Rosentock. The children then took their place among some of Irelands greatest poets, writers & musicians in performing their new piece at this concert on that evening. 


The children's performance did Séamus proud stealing the show, prompting a prolonged applause and lots of bows. Well done to all. Let's hope this event finds an permanent place in Ashford's calendar.





Lots of practice and rehersals

No sign of nerves

Concentrating hard on the perfect performance. Elaine leads the group expertly