Our Behaviour Guidelines – Pupils’ Responsibilities 
 For my own safety and that of others- 
• I should be careful coming to and going from school. 
• I should always walk in the school corridors & on school steps. 
• I should remain seated in class when requested. 
• I should always show respect for my fellow pupils and staff members. 
• I should bring a note of explanation following absences. 
• I should never leave the school grounds during school times without permission. 
 School Rules: Caring for Myself 
• I should respect my property and myself, always keeping my school bag, books and copies in 
good order. 
• I should be in school before the bell rings at 9.20a.m. 
• I should show respect for my school.. 
• I should always be aware of my personal cleanliness. 
• I should bring a sensible, nutritional lunch to school. (Fizzy minerals, crisps and chewing gum 
are not permitted.) 
• I should always do my best in school by listening carefully, working as hard as I can and by 
completing my homework to the best of my ability. 
 School Rules: Caring for Others 
• I should be kind and respectful to staff, visitors and fellow pupils by being mannerly and 
• I should behave well in class so that my fellow pupils and I can learn. 
• I should always keep my school clean. 
• I should show respect for the property of my fellow pupils, the school building and grounds. 
• I should be truthful and honest at all times. 
• I should never make nasty or hurtful remarks to my fellow pupils. 
• I should always include other pupils in all our games and activities. 
• I should apologise when I am in the wrong. 
 General Behaviour 
• Running, pushing, or shouting in the school buildings is not permitted. 
• Fighting, bullying, jeering, name-calling, offensive language/gestures, back answering/cheek 
etc. will not be tolerated. 
• While in school each pupil is subject to the authority of each member of staff and respect 
should be shown to them at all times. 
• Pupils must have the required schoolbooks / equipment. 
• While in class, the pupils must co-operate with the teacher at all times and comply with class 
• Good behaviour is expected en route to and from school and while engaging in school related 
• Pupils may not bring to school any article or item, which could be a source of moral or 
physical danger to himself /herself or others. 
• Mobile phones should be left at home, if possible. Otherwise they must be left in the office. 
• Children will be collected from their lines after each break. In the mornings children from first 
class up will be collected from the hall. 

School Rules