Child Protection at Scoil Na Coróine Mhuire, Ashford 
Schools have an obligation to provide students with the highest possible 
standard of care in order to promote their well-being and protect them from 
harm. School personnel are especially well placed to observe changes in 
behaviour, failure to develop or outward signs of abuse in children. 
• Mindful of this primary duty of care, the Board of Management of 
Scoil Na Coróine Mhuire fully endorses “Children First”, the 
designated guidelines for the protection and welfare of children as 
issued by the Department of Health and Children, September 1999, 
“Child Protection Guidelines and Procedures” from the Department 
of Education & Science, April 2001and the advice given in Circular 
• The Board nominates Mr. Tom Mc Gann as the designated liaison 
person (DLP) to act as a liaison with outside agencies such as health 
board and as a resource person to any staff having child protection 
• In the absence of Mr. Mc Gann, Mr.Conan Daye will act as Deputy 
Designated Liaison Person (DDLP). 
• The Board will ensure that appropriate and on going training as 
necessary will be available for DLP and the DDLP. 
• The Board fully endorses arrangements for the vetting of teaching 
and non-teaching staff as outlined in Circular 0094/2006, June 2006, 
for the Department of Education & Science. 
• Recognising that the safety and well being of children attending the 
school is a priority, the Board undertakes to include Child Protection 
& Health & Safety matters as items on the agenda of all Board 
meetings forthwith. 
• The Board will ensure that all school staff, teaching and non-teaching 
are aware of their obligations under the guidelines detailed in 
Children first and the procedures to be followed in the event of 
• The Board recognises that it has two duties of care. The primary 
duty is the protection, safety and welfare of the children attending 
Scoil Na Coróine Mhuire. The Board as an employer also has duties 
and responsibilities towards its employees. 
 • As an employer, the Board will seek legal advice if an allegation of 
abuse is made against a school employee. 
• The Board will adhere to the protocol outlined in Ch. 4. Allegations 
or Suspicions of Child Abuse of School Employees, in “Child Protection 
Guidelines and Procedures” from the Department of Education & 
Science 2001, to authorise any actions required to protect the 
children in its care. The Board notes that school employees may be 
subject to erroneous or malicious allegations. Any allegation of 
abuse should be dealt with sensitively. The employee should be 
treated fairly which includes the right not to be judged in advance of 
a full and fair enquiry. The Board accepts that the principles of 
natural justice and fair procedures must be adhered to. 
• The Board believes that the academic, personal and social 
development of children flourishes in a culture where good 
relationships are encouraged, people feel valued and respected and 
appropriate support is available for those in difficulty. 
• The Board is committed to the maintenance of the environment 
where children feel secure, are encouraged to express themselves 
and are listened to. All children in the school will be made aware 
that there are adults in the school whom they can approach if they 
are worried. In addition, opportunities will be included in the 
curriculum for children to develop the skills they need to keep them 
• The Board undertakes to circulate this Child Protection policy 
statement to all parents and guardians at time of enrolment. This 
policy statement and “Children First” will be available for viewing at 
the school office. 
• This policy statement regarding Child Protection at Scoil Na Coróine 
Mhuire applies to all staff, members of the Board of Management, 
volunteers and contractors working in the school. 
• This policy statement will be subject to review at the start of each 
academic year forthwith. 
Signed: Fr. Edward Barry Chairperson 
 Tom Mc Gann DLP 
 Conan Daye Deputy DLP 
(Dated and signed copy on view in the office. All staff have been provided 
with a copy of this policy)

Child Protection