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Hi Everybody

Welcome to the English Section of the Teachers' Hub. I am putting up a couple of items which I hope you will find useful. The plan is to add to these on a regular basis.If anybody has something that they feel would be useful to others, please share. It would be great to form ' a community of ideas' around the teaching of English. Scoil na Coroine Mhuire is participating in Year I of the School Self Evaluation Process, with particular reference to the teaching and acquisition of Oral Language. I have enclosed some Barrier Games which may be useful. The second item is a map of the First Steps Speaking and Listening Programme. First Steps is an initiative that has been introduced to DEIS schools. It has been seen to be successful. The programme itself is quite extensive and would be way too much to take on at once.However, there are some very useful oral language ideas that could be used quite easily within the classroom. The Map goes through each of the stages of language acquisition in relation to the REPORTING genre.There may be some activities there to suit you. Here is a brief outline of the stages( these will apply to the majority of the class, one or two may be at the stage above or below the norm)Beginning Stage- Junior /Sen InfantsEarly Stage- 1st and 2nd Exploratory Stage-3rd and 4thConsolidation Stage-5th and 6th If so the books are in my classroom ,if anybody wishes to investigate the type of activities on offer.Other genres will appear over the coming weeksClick and you shall receive !


Thanks,Mary C