In Scoil Na Coróine Mhuire we aim to protect the well being of our pupils and staff by 
providing a safe, tolerant and well catered for environment as outlined in our school 
philosophy statement. 
The BoM through the Principal, the Staff and the Parents Association has drawn up a 
critical incident management plan. They have established a Critical Incidents Management 
Team to steer the development and implementation of the plan. 
What is a Critical Incident? 
‘A critical incident is any incident or sequence of events which overwhelms the normal 
coping mechanism of the school and disrupts the running of the school’. 
• Death, major illness/outbreak of disease (Foot & Mouth) 
• Criminal incidents (e.g. Dunblane shooting, Shooting at first communion in 
• Major accidents, serious injury (e.g. ‘Navan bus crash’) 
• Suicide 
• Civil unrest, war (foreign nationals may be traumatised by events that happened in 
their country of origin) 
• Fire, natural and technological disaster (e.g. school ceiling collapsing in Cork) 
• Disappearance of student from home or school (e.g. Midleton incident in Cork) 
• Unauthorised removal of student from school or home. 
• World events that may affect the student body and/or staff. May be a need for 
provision of discussion and involvement in ceremonies e.g. 9/11, tsunami 
Critical Incidents Management Team: 


  • Leadership Role: Tom Mc Gann (Principal) 

  • Communication Role: Mr. Conan Daye (Deputy Principal) 

  • Student Liaison/ Counselling Role: Ms. Cahill 

  • Chaplaincy Role: Fr. Edward Barry 

  • Family Liaison Role: Ms. Cahill and Mr. Mc Gann 

  • Parents Association Rep: Ms. Sandra Fitzgerald 

  • B.O.M. Rep: Mr. Declan Long 

  • Caretaker: Mr. Pat Curley 

  • The first-named person has the responsibility as defined. 

  • The second-named person assists and only assumes responsibility on the absence of the 

  • first-named. 


Critical Incident Policy